Continuous Glucose Monitoring is an invaluable tool and the Family Centre wants your family to experience its benefits. Thanks to the St George Foundation, we have CGMs available to lend to you when your child needs extra monitoring and you need peace of mind, such as during school camps, trips away or sleepovers.

CGM will monitor your child’s blood glucose around the clock, and can be set up to alarm when levels are too high or low. It can be a great safety net for your child when he or she is away from your care.

The Family Centre provides use of the Dexcom G4 Platinum Receiver and G4 Platimun Transmitter, and two sensors, for a NEW SPECIAL PRICE of $50. This will give your child two weeks of CGM, which gives you a week to get used to it before the event your child needs it for. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please call the Family Centre to discuss the costs attached to the program.

Please be aware that loans are only available to Western Australian families and that we require a two week lead time in order to prepare the necessary paperwork and appointments.

Click here to register for a CGM loan.