Get Connected: Online Support

The diabetes online community (#doc) is thriving. It is a place to find answers, support, and connect with others living with type 1.

Click on the following links to find online discussion boards and content communities!

Telethon Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre Parents Group: Our online community connects over 150 Western Australian parents of type 1 kids. This is a place to connect, share knowledge and experiences.

Reality Check: Reality Check is part of the Type 1 Diabetes Network, an eastern-states based community.  It's the most established online diabetes community in Australia, and the forums cover a wide variety of topics. You can use the search function to look up existing conversations, or post a thread yourself.

Munted Pancreas: Munted Pancreas is a parents-only subforum of Reality Check. You can also join their Facebook group discussion here.

Glu is a US-based site with more than 11,000 members all talking type 1 on the forums.

There are also lots of facebook groups dedicated to talking type 1. Hunt for 'type 1' on a facebook search, or talk to us at the Family Centre for a recommendation about a specific topic, age group or need.