About us

The Family Centre was established in response to the mounting need for better psychosocial support for Western Australian families with children with type 1 diabetes.  Our vision is for a supported, connected and informed community of Western Australian families with children with type 1 diabetes who are positive, motivated, and thriving. 

The Family Centre works alongside the specialist Diabetes Team at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). The PMH team advises families on the medical management of type 1, while the Family Centre offers community and group education, and a dynamic peer and psychosocial support service. We equip families with the knowledge they need to take on the challenges that life with type 1 may present - including travel, camps, exams, sports, and the emotional impact of living with a chronic disease.

We also work to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes in the general community and promote action on issues that affect families affected by type 1.

The Family Centre is a not-for-profit and we rely on community support to fund our work.  When you support us, you make a big impact on the lives of kids and families affected by type 1.