The Family Centre's Clinical Reference Panel

Amy Rush APD, CDE

Amy develops and manages the group diabetes education at the Family Centre and is our Clinical Reference Panel Co-ordinator. She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Diabetes Educator who developed a special interest in type 1 diabetes when her brother was diagnosed at a young age.


Maxine Schlaeppi CDE, MN

Maxine is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and a Master Nurse Practitioner at Rockingham General Hospital Diabetes Service. Maxine specialises in type 1 diabetes and insulin pump therapy. Maxine also has a private practice and works as a consultant doing lectures and presentations for various diabetes companies.

In 2015 Maxine was named Health Professional of the Year at the inaugural Diabetes WA Excellence Awards. The award honours an individual who has made a demonstrated impact on people with diabetes and/or their families through finding the most effective treatments and support for managing the condition to promote increased well-being and happiness.


Super Bam!

Inger Wang CDE, RN

Inger is a Registered Nurse and Credentialled Diabetes Educator working in private practice with three endocrinologists. Inger specialises in type 1 diabetes and is credentialed in insulin pump therapy and CGM initiation and interpretation. Inger has significant experience in the management of type 1 diabetes during sport and exercise.

The Family Centre staff were extremely happy to have Inger as the lead CDE at our very first Teen camp in 2015. The teens loved her fun personality, and her open approach to diabetes self-management encouraged them to make their own diabetes decisions in a supported environment.

Inger has a holistic approach to living with diabetes; her philosophy is that you should control your diabetes, diabetes should not control you.