Nutrition Solutions: Diabetes Detective Package

Dial into your data with your very own DIABETES DETECTIVE!

Here is your unique opportunity to share REAL-TIME DATA and have LIVE CONTACT with your personal Diabetes Detective, our dietitian and educator Amy Rush. 
The Family Centre has both a Guardian Connect CGM system and a Dexcom G5, which are standalone Continous Glucose Monitors that can be used with pump or injections. The data is sent to a smart phone and can be viewed in real-time via an app. Real time readings can be shared with up to five other phone users.

The Diabetes Detective package includes:

  • One-hour set-up clinic session – get the tech on and chat about how you can get the most out of the week ahead
  • Share your data LIVE and get email/phone access with Amy during the week – let your Diabetes Detective nut through your trends and patterns
  • One hour follow-up clinic session – we decipher your data and help you make positive changes to your management

Package price is $500 (valued at $680) including sensor cost
With rebates, your out of pocket costs can be as low as $395!

Medicare and Private Health Rebates May Be Available.

  • With a Chronic Disease Management Plan you can claim back $106.
  • Private health benefits will vary. Check if your provider covers dietetics appointments.

Contact Amy on for more information.