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Are you over 16 years old and looking to PUMP IT UP?

The Family Centre can point you in the right direction! Whether it’s a new pump or a pump upgrade, credentialled diabetes educator Amy Rush can help you through her private clinic. 

Let's chat options

The insulin pumps on the Australian market all have different features. You’ll need to spend some time chatting through each pump with Amy, and have some hands-on time with demo pumps. Worried about insertions? You can look at the different insertion devices and even do a mock set up! Already chosen your pump? No worries, Amy can get straight onto getting you started. 

Medical approvals and paperwork 

Getting a new pump or upgrading your current pump means paperwork. Don’t panic! Amy can liaise directly with the insulin pump company on your behalf. You’ll need three documents: a Letter of Clinical Need, a pump order form and a health insurance company form.
It’s very important for you to discuss your move to a pump with your endocrinologist. Your endo can advise you as to whether a pump is a good choice for you, and if so, can write your Letter of Clinical Need.
Amy works with your endo, and the pump and insurance companies, to help with progressing the paperwork every step of the way. 

The pump start 

Once all the forms sorted everything happens fast. In most circumstances Amy can have the pump ready to go within two weeks of the order being lodged. The pump start itself is a 3-4 hour session, followed by some check in phone calls and appointments, and a final appointment to make sure your settings are working for you.  

Price Schedule

Your health fund will cover the cost of the pump itself. As a private, there will be out of pocket expenses for the clinic appointments. Pump starts are a bit of a complex process, and we need to ensure all the aspects are covered before we send you off into the pumping world! The session protocol and price structure is as follows.

  Session Price Chronic Disease
Management Plan

Private Health

Pre pump appointment
1 hour (optional)     
$140.00 $52.95 This will depend on
your health fund.

Pump set up

3-4 hours

$140 per hour


$52.95 per hour

This will depend on
your health fund.

Follow up phone calls

15 minutes (1-2 in the first
week post set up)

$35 per ph call


No rebate No rebate

Post pump
appointment 1 hour

(not optional)

$140 $52.95 This will depend on
your health fund.

Total pump set up costs

$595-910 $330-645 This will depend on
your health fund.

Getting started

Simple! Contact me on for more information or to get your pen to pump journey started through her clinic!