Education Programs

The Family Centre's education service meets information needs articulated by our families. We provide practical education workshops and courses covering a range of interesting and informative topics, helping you pursue better-managed blood glucose and a healthy mind and spirit.


Our new Carbohydrate Counting Course is a practical education workshop about counting carbs and adjusting insulin. It's interactive, comprehensive, and a fun way to meet other parents of kids with type 1. You'll come away with a good working knowledge of carb counting, a workshop booklet, a handy quick tips guide, a carbohydrate reference book and some new friends. Interested in joining our next workshop? Head to our Upcoming Events tab to check out when our next course is on at the Family Centre or register for our NEW online Cyber Carbs course below!

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Our Babysitter Training is a short workshop designed to train close friends and family to confidently babysit a child with type 1. The Family Centre recognises that teaching friends and relatives how to manage type 1 can be a difficult and emotionally draining experience for parents, and we're here to help. First, we work with parents to ensure the training is specific and appropriate to their child's needs, and then we educate the family's nominated babysitters. We deliver the key messages in a simple way, supported by a published resource that can be referred to later. Babysitter training runs by appointment with our Credentialled Diabetes Educator/Dietitian, Amy Rush. We also offer babysitter training by Skype for families outside metro Perth!

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Schools and Daycare Education

Caring for a child with type 1 diabetes can be challenging for parents. Knowing you have trusted individuals who can look after for your child with type 1 while they are at school or day-care is essential! We have designed a School/Day-care Education session that trains teachers and carers using information provided by the child's parents to ensure it is personalised and specific. Schools and Daycare Education sessions are run by appointment with our Registered Nurse/Diabetes Educator, Lauren Hadddow.

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Do you need a refresher in all things type 1? Do you have a friend or loved one who would benefit from some type 1 re-education with you? Flexible Insulin Therapy, or Flex-IT, is a fantastic group based education program designed by one of the leading diabetes institutes in Australia, Baker IDI. The course is presented by the Family Centre Credentialled Diabetes Educator and Dietitian, Amy Rush, joined by Credentialled Diabetes Educator and Dietitian Jo Beer.

Flex-IT teaches the concepts of matching insulin to food and lifestyle. Topics include:
* Calculating insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate ratios
*Adjusting insulin to suit food and physical activity
*Carbohydrate counting foods, recipes and  eating out
*Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia management

The course runs over two consecutive Saturdays. 

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Kids in the Kitchen is the chance for kids aged 4-11 to cook up a storm and meet new friends in the Family Centre kitchen. They’ll join the Family Centre’s Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator Amy, and home economics teacher and type 1 mum, Peta. Mums and Dads can relax with a coffee while the kids prepare a delicious and healthy morning tea for everyone to enjoy afterwards! 

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Learning how to cook healthy food is a critical skill for good type 1 management, and meeting other young people with type 1 helps establish important peer networks. We run a regular Teen Cooking Class - a fun Friday night where teens get to hang out, cook and eat a meal together.

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People who live with type 1 are experts in their own condition. We believe in sharing the wealth of experience and knowledge in the type 1 community. Our Solutions Forums are interactive events designed to help families generate solutions to type 1 problems, based on informal sharing of practical experiences. Past themes have included sport and exercise, navigating Centrelink and insurance, and transitioning into young adulthood with type 1. Got a question? Come to a Solutions Forum and find answers!

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Do you have a program or workshop idea you'd like us to explore?  We'd love to hear about it!  Contact us on 9446 6446 and let us know.