Type 1 at school: Resources for parents and kids

Sending a child to school with type 1 can be daunting for both kids and parents. Time away from mum and dad, uncertainty about how much teachers understand about type 1, feeling strange or singled out by students, and questions about how to tackle sport, exams and camps are all common sources of anxiety. Sometimes, the school environment can be a good thing: the routine really helps with managing eating and insulin dose timing, but other times it can be tough.

If your child has been diagnosed recently, the resources in your pack from PMH will help, especially the back-to-school toolkit 'In Real Life'. We've found a few more resources which might help you educate both teachers and kids at your child's school about type 1.


Start here:

The School Action Management Plan for WA kids

Also check out our great Family Centre resources:


The Family Centre's Exams and Stress for T1 Teens Info Guide!  Read it here.

Sometimes type 1 can be hard for other parents to understand.  Read our playdate / party letter here.


Firstly, here is a thirty minute educational video from Diabetes NSW about type 1 at school.  It covers type 1 basics, hypos and hypers, rights, considerations and precautions, and resources. It's a very useful introduction for teachers - you can send tyour child's teachers the link and they can watch it in their own time.



For younger kids, we love this special e-book from Disney about Coco going back to school with type 1. It features some of your favourite Disney characters. Click here to read Coco Goes Back to School.



If you are an iPad user, here is a great app to download from the International Diabetes Federation, which has information packages targeted at kids, parents, parents of kids with type 1, and teachers. It can be used in a meeting with the school to help explain diabetes.

If you're not an Apple user, we've got the information packs in PDF form for you below:

IDF School Diabetes Info Pack: Kids

IDF School Diabetes Info Pack: Parents

IDF School Diabetes Info Pack: Parents of kids with T1

IDF School Diabetes Info Pack: Teachers


Flip Chart

If you'd like lots of info about type 1 in a handy, downloadable flip chart, here is one from the Australian Diabetes Council: Schools Flip Chart.


Printed resources

Here are some more great resources for you to use when talking to your child's school about type 1:

Here is a helpful Letter to Teachers from Insulin Nation.

Information about the School's Duty of Care to your child is handy to know.

We suggest you put a Healthcare Management Plan in place with your child's school.

Finally, here is a useful poster about medically managing a child with type 1 for the school to put up in the staffroom.



Type 1 is type 1, no matter where you live. Here are some great stories from parents and students in the United States about school and type 1.


How can we help?

If you would like someone from the Family Centre to talk with your school, explain type 1, and help advocate for your family's needs, please contact us.