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You never stop learning when you've got type 1. Life throws us circumstances that constantly challenge us to learn more about ourselves and our management strategies. You can supplement what you've already learned with the following vids and fact sheets we've found for you from around the web.


What is type 1?

Is type 1 diabetes a limitation?

Type 1 diabetes and family dynamics

Type 1 University: Gary Schiener, Diabetes Educator, type 1 diabetic and author of the famous book 'Think Like a Pancreas' has a series of 60-minute video classes on useful type 1 topics, available online for around $20 a class. Topics include advanced Carb Counting, Hypo Prevention and Treatment, and Glucose Control during Sport and Exercise. Keep in mind the blood glucose measurements are in mg/dL rather than mmol/L as it's American.


A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe is a new and unique e-book diabetes management manual by Joe Solowiejczyk RN MSW CDE which integrates the psychological and family dynamics aspects of coping and living with diabetes iwith the core of medically managing it on a daily basis. The emphasis here is on helping you and your family learn how to manage diabetes as independently as possible!

Download A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe here. It's a hands-on 'how to' book, including instructional and inspiring videos of families and children from Canada, the US, UK and Australia which will provide readers with the information they need to start living successfully with diabetes. Plus there are unique and exciting interactive elements, making learning a truly three-dimensional, real experience!