Dr Katherine Iscoe: Body Confidence

Body Confidence Expert Dr Katherine Iscoe spoke to our type 1 tribe at an exclusive, sold-out event at the Family Centre on August 3, as part of our 'Life without Limits' series. Her funny, informative and motivational talk covered positive body image, nutrition and exercise, and she gave our audience a new outlook on being kinder to ourselves and our bodies.

Thank you to Dr Katherine for a great night. We can't wait for the Family Centre's next Life without Limits event!

Dr Katherine Iscoe and Rebecca Johnson 

Here's what our attendees had to say:

“Amazing night for my daughter and I also. Fair to say my young teenager is in a pretty dark place with negotiating diabetes after 10 years.... In the midst of the trauma of this, last night she laughed her head off, sat still without needing to play with her anxiety ball, rated the evening as 10 out of 10, said she could listen to Katherine all over again, admitted to her own lack of body confidence and most importantly for me, was heard to be singing herself to sleep when she later went to bed. A sound I have not heard for a very long time. Her new recipe book has pride of place on her bedside table and her response to the evening has had us smiling all day today. THANK YOU!”

“Dr Kat is a fantastic speaker. Loved her sense of humour and she makes you stop and think and change your way of thinking.”

“The fact that I’m not the only one with body image issues and there’s something I can do about the way I feel about myself.”

“I could have listened for hours!”