Super Bam!Day 1

I would say I know as much about living with type 1 as someone who doesn't actually live with type 1 could know. I have a type 1 family member, type 1 friends, type 1 colleagues and I have devoted my career to helping those with type 1 live healthy and happy lives. But I’m not that close, I’m not really anywhere near to being close to really understanding what it is like to live with type 1 diabetes every day, every hour, every minute. As hard as I try to understand what this must be like, and trust me I try VERY hard, I don’t know what it is like to have to test my blood sugars through the day and night, give injections, do set changes, count carbs (ok, I do that one out of habit!) or to have to think ‘diabetes, diabetes, diabetes’ all the time (or do I do that one too?).

So when Medtronic offered me a chance to wear an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor, I was more than excited! For two weeks I will at least physically, and I am pre-empting somewhat emotionally, be a step closer to understanding what it is our type 1 loved ones experience each day. More so, it will give me a whole new level of empathy and compassion in my work.

So here I am! The lovely Marina from Medtronic came to set me up and talk me through all things 640G and Guardian and I am now up and running (or up and pumping?). Watch this space for updates on how it is all going.

For now I am off to carb count my lunch and give my first bolus!

Oh, and for those wondering, the pump insertion didn’t hurt but the CGM was a little uncomfortable for a few minutes.