Day 15

I'm feeling for my poor little belly today. For pump users, you will be well aware of the term 'Pump Bungee'. For non pump users, this is when you somehow drop the pump (believe me, this can happen for many reasons, in many ways) and the pump nose dives to the ground, pulling the line tight and leaves you feeling like the set is being ripped out of your stomach.

This particular pump bungee occurred because I was in a hurry to race out of the teen camp dorm to get breakfast prep started. I had obviously not clipped the pump safely to my jeans. It fell as I stepped and the pump took a bungee plus a canyon swing forward, causing me to do a gut wrenching reflexive abdominal crunch. IT HURT!!!

Later in the day, picking up the large box of bread rolls for lunch I realized how difficult it was to carry a heavy load (of any sort) in front of me. It is impossible to carry something using your chest and stomach as a support when you have a pump site and CGM site on your tummy! Especially if they are already sore from your rouge pumps recent extreme sport antics!