Day 4

This was me for about the first 30 minutes of being stuck in traffic last night, until my afternoon snack wore off and I watched my blood sugar slowly drop from 5.4 to 4.1!

Needless to say I have discovered that this is the BG level at which I get 'hangry' (not sure whether this was compounded by the 1hr and 25 minute traffic jam, or whether I could literally watch my blood sugar fall thanks to CGM!).

This was the not the first time something had delayed me from eating yesterday (thank you crazy storm in Stirling preventing us heading out to get lunch). Another thing I learned was that extreme hunger makes me terrible at carb counting! I ordered the chicken, goats cheese and pistachio salad. By the time it came I was so jungry I could have eaten the plate! Quick food check, great, practically no carbs. Quick check of the CGM, BG good, no need to bolus....devour the food!! Half way through I realise I am actually eating what would have equaled a large beetroot, nicely grated into the goats cheese!! ‪#‎DietitianFail! Quick S.W.A.G bolus (thanks for that term Kyle Masterman.....Scientific, wild a*s guess bolus) of 10g (which upon later investigation was actually pretty close) and I am back on track.