Day 6

This morning I want to share an emotional experience with you all. I did my first set change, on myself, at home, with no help available. I did have an audience, my very inquisitive 4 year old and my husband. From the picture, you can see it did not go well. I went through 4 infusion sets (don't ask what went wrong, literally anything and everything!).

Now, as a diabetes educator, I know very well how to do a set change. But today, doing it on myself, in my own home, was an emotional roller coaster that left me feeling ill, to the point I needed to take a break after the third attempt as I was sure I was going to be physically sick.

The fear of doing it wrong, the anticipation of pain and the stress of a situation that is all new, I became somewhat of an emotional wreck! I had to try very hard not to lose my temper at the 10 million questions coming from Miss 4, who was really just concerned and interested.

If this is what I feel, as an adult educated in the area of type 1, who has done this multiple times before on others, then I can not imagine what you all as parents and as those with type 1 must go through in these situations, where things like this just do not go right.

This morning was an empathy lesson in an area I don't think I had even considered.