Day 8

Yesterday my heart truly went out to those type 1s going clothes shopping with an insulin pump. It may have been one of the hardest things I have done in my type 1 time yet! What do you do with it? There is no bed or bench to rest it on while you change (I've discovered this is the best way) I think I suffered serious 'pump bungee' about four times in one change room 😫. Weirdest part was I even found myself thinking 'No, can't get that, no place for the pump'....and it's only been four days! Dresses? I feel for you ladies.

On another note. FINGER BLOOD EVERYWHERE. On my clothes (All my clothes. All my white clothes 😫), on my bed sheets, on my kitchen cupboard doors, on my toothbrush, and I even found dried blood on my coffee cup handle yesterday! Parents, how do you stop your little ones from wiping it all over their clothes? You must be keeping the Napisan people in business!