Day 9

After one full week of pump and CGM one of the things that has really melted my heart is the support I have received from my husband and 4 year old daughter.

They have been genuinely interested in every aspect of my journey, learning everything there is to know about being a family member of someone with type 1. They have been a much needed support, and a much needed reminder to check BG and bolus! Layla has not only spent the week reminding me to test, bolus and calibrate, she is also chief BG tester!!

Today I do a complete pump and CGM changeover (more info on that later) and my family is disappointed they don't get to experience this week with me, as I am away on Teen Camp. But during the past week they have taught me the importance of a supportive family network for someone with type 1. Their constant questions may have bugged me at times, but at the end of the day I needed and appreciated their support.

Experiencing this has given me butterflies, knowing that the Family Centre is creating a space where families affected by type 1 can get this same support from their (very big) extended family. Happy first birthday to the Family Centre, I am honored to call you all my family and proud to know my career is making a difference.