Buy stuff

Did you know you can buy your diabetes supplies online? Go to the NDSS shop to get your gear.

FRIO Packs are the best for travelling with insulin without needing ice packs or refrigeration. Check them out here, and you can buy them directly from the Diabetes WA Online Shop.

Pump Wear Inc has waistbands, pouches, and hook packs deisgned for your pump, and a selection of diabetes organisers and pump accessories. Have fun shopping!

Lots of people report that a SPI-Belt (Small Personal Item) is useful to pop a pump in. Take a look here.

Diabetes-Ezy is a business run by a family in Queensland that sells a range of great diabetes accessories like snazzy pump bands.

You can buy coloured skins for your Medtronic Pump, and spare clips, at the Medtronic Shop online. Use an Animas pump? You can get a skin here.

A family of a 7-year-old with type 1 in NSW offer DB wipes, a convenient, alcohol free product for wiping little fingers before testing.