Fun stuff

We think type 1 is as serious as you make it. At the Family Centre, we like to have FUN!


First up, we have an e-book created by one of our very own members of the type 1 community in Perth - the super talented author and and illustrator Maddy, aged 14. She dedicates her book to her younger brother who has type 1. WOW! Click below to read it in larger size.

And here is another one ... Hannah Montana has made an e-book about type 1! You can read her book Oliver's All Right' here.

Fun stuff to print

Here are ten fun and useful type 1 printables for your family from Disney, including Encouragement Stickers, Award Stickers, Fun Food Labels and Mickey and Minnie Recipe Cards! 

Games and Crafts

Feeling a bit creative? Here are some crafty ideas for families to help kids frame type 1 positively, and have fun together!

Professor Bumblebee

Professor Bumblebee's What is Diabetes? helps kids understand what's happening inside the body with type 1.

Online Games

JDRF UK's Diabetes Dash and Ketones Attack games are good ways for younger kids to learn more about diabetes.

Fun for parents

Parents of kids with type 1 do some pretty weird things, but it’s only because they are so awesome. You know you're a D-parent when...

Here are the Top Ten Things Not to Say to a T1 Parent - maybe share this with your friends and family.


Found something fun you'd like us to add here? Let us know!