Newly diagnosed?

If you are recently diagnosed, the Diabetes Team at PMH will have given you a comprehensive course on how to manage type 1. However, whether you are a parent or a patient, a new diagnosis of type 1 can feel like information overload. Type 1 is a vertical learning curve, and there aren't any practise runs; you've got to hit the ground running and we're here to help. If you haven't connected in with the Family Centre yet then please click here to fill out our New Family Form.  We can get you on our database and our online community so you can hear the latest on news and upcoming Family Centre events.

First impressions matter

Before you do anything else, watch this. Welcome to Type 1 is a Canadian project that Bec, the Family Centre's CEO, is involved with. It's about first impressions of type 1. We think that the way a newly-diagnosed person thinks about type 1 in the first few months has a critical impact on the way they frame it forever. This video tells us that type 1 can make you stronger, smarter and more resilient. These are powerful positive thoughts to hold in your mind while you come to terms with a new diagnosis.

Here is another little video from our friend Jonny at Welcome to Type 1 that explains what type 1 is.  We suggest you share it with your friends and family so they understand it too.

It might seem complex and daunting right now, but at the Family Centre we believe that there are no limits on a life with type 1. Watch this and check out all the inspiring people out there with type 1 taking big bites out of life!

Type 1 basics

Now, as you are new to this, all the type 1 basics you've learned might not have quite sunken in yet. Here are six awesome Chalk Talks from Joe Solowiejczyk RN MSW CDE, legendary diabetes educator and type 1, that explain things really well. We suggest you watch them in your own time, and make sure you pause when you need to digest the information.

Chalk Talk 1: Introduction to Type 1

Chalk Talk 2: Pathophysiology, Rationale for Treatment, and Family Dynamics

Chalk Talk 3: Hypo and Hyperglycaemia, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Chalk Talk 4: Insulin and Insulin Sensitivity

Chalk Talk 5: Meal Planning and Carb Counting

Chalk Talk 6: Sick day rules and glucagon

Hit the (e)books

A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe is a new and unique e-book diabetes management manual by Joe Solowiejczyk which integrates the psychological and family dynamics aspects of coping and living with diabetes with the core of medically managing it on a daily basis. The emphasis here is on helping you and your family learn how to manage diabetes as independently as possible! Download A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe here. It's a hands-on 'how to' book, including instructional and inspiring videos of families and children from Canada, the US, UK and Australia which will provide readers with the information they need to start living successfully with diabetes. Plus there are unique and exciting interactive elements, making learning a truly three-dimensional, real experience!

Lots more questions? See Type 1 FAQs for more great online vids and resources.

And you can always contact the Family Centre at hello[at]telethonjdfc[dot]org[dot]au or 9446 6446.