What are you entitled to?

Here is some helpful information about what your family may be eligible to to claim from Centrelink and other agencies.

Department of Human Services – Payments


Carers Payment

  • Payment for people who provide constant daily care in the home for someone with a severe disability, medical condition or frail age.

  • Must meet the income and assets test, for the carer and care receiver.

  • Must meet residence requirements and be in Australia the day claim lodged

  • Care giver can participate in work, study or training of up to 25 hours per week and still be eligible.

  • Up to 63 days per calendar year can be taken for respite without effecting your payment.

  • Carers supplement of $600 is paid automatically with payment after 1st July each year.

  • To make a claim call 132 717 or visit your nearest DHS service centre.

  • For further information visit: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/Centrelink/carer-payment


Carer's Allowance


Carer Adjustment Payment

  • Must provide full time care for a child under 7 who has been diagnosed with a severe illness, medical condition, or major disability following a catastrophic event.

  • Must be receiving Carer's allowance for the child and you and your partner are not eligible for Carer's Payment or any other income support payments.

  • Claims must be submitted within two years of the date of diagnosis.

  • Maximum payment amount any family can receive is $10,000 for each child.

  • Amount depends on family circumstances and is administrated by Department of Social Services.

  • Contact 132 717 or pick up from your nearest service centre: Carer Adjustment Payment Form

  • For further information visit: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/carer-allowance


Essential Medical Equipment Payment

  • The purpose of the Essential Medical Equipment Payment is to cover the additional running costs for essential medical equipment and or medically required heating or cooling.

  • Annual payment  is tax free and not subject to the income and asset test. It will continue to be paid annually unless advised of a change of circumstances.

  • Essential medical equipment includes home dialysis machine, home ventilator, oxygen concentrator, suction pump, nebuliser, airbed vibrator, electric wheelchair, and insulin pump.

  • Medical conditions can include spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, muscular dystrophies, full thickness burns.

  • Essential Medical Equipment form

  • For futher information visit: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/forms/ci016

 Other things to explore:

 Energy Assistance Payment: Synergy


Chronic Disease Management Plans: Five visits to an allied health practitioner 

General Pracitioners can issue Chronic Disease Management Plans, which offer five visits to an allied health practitioner for people (including children) with a chronic disease. Click here for a fact sheet about Chronic Disease Management Plans.


Qantas Disibility Card

Qantas have a Carer Concession Card available, which can give the person flying and their carer up to 50% discount on domestic flights. It appears that people with T1D kids who have applied have been eligible. Info here: http://www.qantas.com/…/travelling-with-an-escort…/global/en
and here: http://www.pwd.org.au/what-we-do/qantascarerconcession.html


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